Gronk really is going Hollywood as he will co star next to two Hollywood heavyweights!

We have all sighed a breathe of relief now that Rob Gronkowski has confirmed he is coming back to The New England Patriots for 2018-2019 season. Rumors are saying that he has been training with Brady's TB12 trainer and that Belichick doesn't like it too much. Listen, as long as he gets into kick butt shape and he has less injuries; who cares! A rumor that is 100% true is that Gronk is about to star in a big Hollywood action movie! Facebook page New England Patriots Eye Candy Land has been researching and preparing for his role. In this movie, he was co star with Mel Gibson and Naomi Watts. According to, the movie is about a retired veteran who gets stuck in a life loop where he lives the same day over and over and he dies at the end of each day. No word on what Gronk's role will be.

Check how he has been researching the role! With a big freakin gun man!