You hear me on the radio everyday, and I do share my life with you. One of the things I share is my dating life, which is horrible. And, it just keeps on getting worse. 

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My name is Annie Snook, and I am extremely single. I have been dating now for over 5 years, and it is the pits! I have tried everything from online dating, on multiple websites; to putting myself out there in different places and situations. What I have found is that men are either deathly afraid to talk to me in public, or maybe I smell bad. Then, online dating is a WHOLE other dating black hole. I have met many men from online dating sites, and none have worked out. I do not think that I am picky, in fact, I know exactly what I want. Dating can be frustrating, and draining. But, it can also be fun too.

The 'dark side' to dating are the trends that happen while dating. People have become so distant with dating, and have lost all manners. There is 'Breadcumbing', 'Ghosting', 'Phubbing', 'Benching', and 'Haunting'. Now, according to there is a new dating trend called 'Zombie-ing'. This is when you are seeing someone for a bit, then they disappear for a long period of time; then, they pop right back up in your life asking you out again. Just Great.

Well, wish me luck out there in the dating pool. Good thing I have 'swim wings' on, cause this girl is not gonna drown in some guys BS.  ;)