So many sweet country concerts coming our way this summer. And now, you don't have to feel guilty about buying those tickets! 


Man, back in the day you could get a concert ticket for $5. Now, your lucky to get one under $100. Now you never have to feel guilty about spending the money! According to a new study has been done by UK music and entertainment venue O2 and Goldsmith's University associate lecturer Patrick Fagan. This study proves that going to concerts can expand your life by up to 9 years. In fact, going to a show is better than yoga or walking your do. The study is based on comparing psychometric and heart rate test results. And, going to concerts shows a better sense of 'well-being' every time. This is most likely do to sharing the concert experience with others, your mind is stimulated, and you have a great feeling of self worth.

So, next time the significant other asks you WHY you bought tickets to a country show when you need to pay the electric bill; you have the best excuse ever! "Because honey, going to see Jason Aldean will help me live longer!"