I'm sure you've noticed the bug populations getting rampantly out of control, and it's not even summer yet.  Their main predators are spiders, dragonflies and our lovely little brown bats.

Someone carrying the white nose syndrome from England on their caving gear brought the virus to the US, pinpointed to a cave system in New York in 2007, according to whitenosesyndrome.org. While the English bats have developed somewhat an immunity over time, our little browns are now facing extinction!  Thanks, dude. 5.7 million bats have died from the virus, and it's spread to 33 states, the website states.

If you are blessed with even one bat, please, do not exterminate! The big and little brown bats have been listed as endangered (along with 3 other New England species), and like other wild animals, not all are rabid, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

Thankfully, researchers are making headway, slowly, toward helping the little critters survive.

There are many great resources for bat protection info, how to get a proper sized bat house and properly install.  More local info will be soon available on the "Perspectives" program airing on Sunday mornings, upcoming interviews with Dr. Jeff Foster of U.N.H., and folks from the Fish and Wildlife office.