The Old Orchard Beach Fire Department responded to a call early Monday morning that a longtime and extremely popular restaurant in the area, Joseph's By The Sea, was in flames. When the fire department arrived on the scene, they worked hard and diligently to put out the fire. How much damage and how much time it will take for it to be repaired remains to be seen.

Facebook via Steve Harding

Shared on Facebook by Steve Harding via the Old Orchard Beach, Maine group, Joseph's By The Sea has been a staple for tourists visiting the area for decades. For many locals, it's where they've held birthday parties, anniversaries or even tied the knot as Joseph's has done a substantial amount of weddings over its history. Joseph's has managed to toe the line between offering upscale dining and service while not feeling too stuffy for the everyday person to walk in.

Facebook via Steve Harding

As the Facebook post suggests, Joseph's By The Sea is likely to be closed for the remainder of the summer as the damage is assessed and insurance claims are filed. It's a crushing blow as tourism in the Old Orchard Beach this summer has exceeded expectations.

Facebook via Steve Harding

Inside the comments section of the Facebook post, you'll see just how cherished Joseph's By The Sea has been amongst the OOB community. Posts range from expressions of heartbreak to devastation at the thought of Joseph's being gone. More information on Joseph's future should be available in the coming days/weeks.

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