It is amazing that just one video of a cute animal can brighten your day! Studies have been done, proving that watching a cute animal video can alleviate stress, anxiety, depression and make you more productive at work. So, why haven't any work places started to make a cute animal video break as part of the work day? Check out what they found in a recent study of up to 7,000 people by Indiana University Media School:

Based on responses from the survey, respondents were more energetic and had a more positive outlook after watching cute cat videos. Negative emotions, such as anxiety, annoyance, and sadness, also dissipated following a cute cat video. The majority of respondents admitted to watching cute cat videos at work or while studying. However, the pleasure they got from these videos far outweighed the guilt they felt over procrastinating. Some studies even suggest that watching cute cat videos can boost our productivity.

So, go ahead and take a moment now to watch this cute video, and if the boss catches you; we got you covered!