When it comes to Portland, Maine; you will NEVER go hungry. BUT, what are the best places to eat?


You may not know him. Hell, I have been dying to meet this guy! His man is Joe Ricchio and he is the biggest food reviewer in Maine for quite a few years now. Talk about the greatest job EVER!! He has made it his life's goal to eat his way through his life here in Maine. No matter what city, or how far; he is ready to sit down for a great meal and spread the word. He has been working locally for years, and recently he did an article for The Food Network. How's this sound? Best Restaurants in Portland? And, NOT just for Lobster. According to Joe, there is WAY more to the cuisine in Portland than our landmark crustacean. So, support a local guy and what he LOVES.....food! From the gorgeous state of Maine!! And, be open to trying something new!