The Peak plays all of your favorite new country music. The top of the charts songs, big in Nashville, and making your day. There is SO much country music out there that is coming out soon, was just released and artists that don’t get the radio time they deserve. This is where you can discover songs before they hit the radio!


Chase Bryant was raised in a small town in Texas, surrounded by music. Literally. His Grandfather played piano in Roy Orbison's first 2 bands, then later with Waylon Jennings. Two of his Uncles co-founded the country group Ricochet. He is a brilliant songwriter, and his lyrics can relate to all of us. He has a smooth voice, and knows how to use it. He is back with a new single, and it is set to be another hit for the 23 year old on the rise country boy!

Take a listen to his new song 'Hell If I Know', and tell us what you think. You can also hear it this evening with Annie Snook at 6:15p.