Girl Scout cookies are an American staple. We all have a favorite and we all get quilted into buying some from those cute gals. What is your favorite?


It's that time of year again, just in time to give up your 'getting healthy' New Years Resolution! Those Girl Scouts are back with there addictive cookies! I was a Girl Scout growing up and sold them too. Well, I ended up with a few boxes of my own though! My favorite are the Caramel deLites. I LOVE coconut.

WMUR Channel 9 found this 'so stinkin cute' video of this family in Exeter peddling their Girl Scout cookies in a brilliant way. I mean, we can resist 2 sweet girls singing and smiling about Girl Scout cookies. They are TRUE masterminds!

Dare you not to smile watching this. And, then you will be craving those dang cookies!