Dunkin Donuts rules our world here in New England! Now, they are gonna make it even easier for you to get you 'Dunks' fix.

Getting out of bed is most certainly the hardest part of the day. But, after that first cup of coffee in the morning, you are ripped and ready to show the day who's boss! You pull into DD to get that coffee, and there is the ominous long line, ugh! Say goodbye to THAT morning routine very soon! 'Dunks' has announced they will begin delivering right to you!

It has been announced recently at the Dunkin Donuts headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts, that they are developing an updated version of their app, that will allow you to order ahead and even get it delivered! This will be available to DD Perks members, and the app is set to launch next year.

Welcome to the future caffeine lovers! Just remember to tip the deliver guy!