This will be the best trick to play on your kids this spooky season! 

I remember when 'Elf on a Shelf' came out and it was just a monster success. Kids all around the world believe that the magic Elf is watching them through the holiday season, then he packs it up and goes home after Christmas. Well, really packed away with all the decorations!

Well, now there is a trend much like 'Elf on a Shelf' that parents are doing to their children. And, getting big laughs about. It's called 'Doll in the Hall' and it is pretty scary. So, basically you find the creepiest looking doll and leave it in different places in your house during Halloween season. The kids will keep finding the doll in different places and you can tell them you have no idea how it keeps moving around. Fun for the whole family!

Will you try it? Or, do you think it is too scary for your children?