Having a hobby is a good way to live a fulfilling life. Annie fills her time, and camera with beautiful pictures of flowers. Do you think she has a future doing photography? 

For me, having a hobby that brings me joy outside work and my day to day life. I am a creative spirit, hence why I am on the radio. I grew up with a Dad that was a photographer. He got a degree in photography and he had his own business for many years. I remember going in the dark room with him, and developing pictures with him. He was more into black and white picture taking. He took this stunning picture of me what I was about 3 or 4 years old.

Anastasia Snook


But, for me, I HAVE to have color in my photos! And, flowers are my biggest inspiration. Check out some of the pics I have snapped of flowers and tell me what you think. Could I make a living being a photographer?