Times are changing, and so should our workplaces. There seems to be a revolution going on in America, THAT is pretty obvious. Besides protesting for rights, and other issues; we are also as a country taking a long hard look at our workplaces and employee's well being. For many years now, workplaces have expected WAY more from their employees than ever. Working more hours, no pay raises/bonuses, and only having paternity leave for mothers's. In this ever changing world, some workplaces have lost heart. I am talking about caring for their employees and their well being. Other countries have already started to make the changes in their workplaces. Because they realize that the happier the employee, the better production from them they will get.

Some countries have adopted a paternity leave for father's as well as mother's. And now, to go EVEN further; Puppy-Leave.  Studies have been showing now that people are not having children, and instead having pets. And if you have a pet, you KNOW how hard it is for a new kitten or puppy to adapt to their new home. Check out what this Brewery in Scotland offers their employees now with this unique leave.

Do you think that workplaces in Maine and New Hampshire should have this kind of leave for employees?