Governor Paul LePage is calling for a ban on the sales of alcohol 'nips' in Maine?! That is right, soon you could be saying goodbye to those tiny bottles of fun.

We use them as gifts, drink them at parties, how ever you enjoy a 'nip'; you might not be able to much longer in Maine! I even love how cute the time replica bottles look! And, this past Christmas, my Mom gave me a 10 pack of Fireball Nips!

Last month, Gov. LePage vetoed a bill proposing a 5 cent refund tax on 'nips' to help combat pollution in Maine. The Legislation then overrode it, and LePage came back with a suggestion of voting on banning the sale of small liquor bottles in Maine all together. The State Liquor Bureau will vote today on this proposed ban. LePage says that by stopping the sale of 'nips' in Maine all together, it will help to reduce drunk driving.


Now, Fireball Whisky maker Sazerac is defending their popular 'nips' claiming this proposed ban is not fair, and is anti business. According to the Portland Press Herald, 40 % of 'nips' sales in Maine are of Fireball Whiskey. The company says they could reconsider expanding their factory in Lewiston.

What is your favorite liquor 'nips' to enjoy?