Have you ever been in a work situation that has made you cry?

It is so great to see that mental health is FINALLY coming out of it's closet and getting the attention it has been screaming for. I deal with anxiety and depression and I was ashamed of it for many years. I knew I did not like living that way, so I got professional help. I still get help from time to time and I have learned that I am not alone. More than not the person you pass on the street, the guy that cut you off in traffic, or the tired Mom you bump into at the grocery store is dealing with mental illness. In our current world, there is so much going on around us all the time. And, it's hard to block the negativity out and think more positive. I learned many tools through my therapy to help me get grounded in those moments and to speak up. It is more than ok to tell someone they are affecting you in a negative way and to get lost. Now, this can sometimes happen with co workers. Have you ever found yourself in a work situation that made you want to cry? Well a college came up with the brilliant idea of a 'Cry Closet'. What the heck is that?

According to Mashable this was a phenomenon found on Twitter. A visual artist at the University of Utah installed a 'cry closet' that is a safe place for students to enter and cry when they are stressed by finals or anything else. There are rules. Students can only us it up to 10 minutes at a time, you must knock before entering and must turn lights out when finished.

Do you think a 'cry closet' would be a good thing at your job? Or, is it just silly?