Do you have any tattoos? 

There is just something about getting a tattoo. My obsession started when I was 18 and I got my first one. It's a fantail gold fish because fish are my spirit animal. It hurt like hell and I told myself I would never get another. I used to think if I had more than 1, then I would look trashy. And, I ate those words big time because here I am at 5 tattoos later. It has been a year since my last one I got in Amsterdam. I have already been thinking about what to get next. I am thinking about getting a tattoo that represents Maine somehow. I have lived in Vacationland for 14 years. I am getting close to being here longer than when I grew up in Tennessee. That is insane!

According to News Center Maine a new study has shown that boss's don't give a crap about your tattoos. So show them proudly at your work place....well, as long as it is on a decent part of your body!

So, do you love your home state enough to get a tattoo to represent it?