You adopted the best pup ever! Have you ever wanted to know just what kinda of mix he/she is?

You have probably heard the ole saying at some point in your life 'mixed mutts are the best dogs to have'. Most of the time when you adopt a dog from a shelter, it's just that. And, while owning the dog over the years, you take guesses on what he/she is. You probably have Googled certain types of dogs that your dog looks like. Well, when I got Fancy from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland I had no clue what she was. They had gotten her from a kill shelter in Georgia and she had some medical issues they took care off. She was so sweet and timid. I knew right when I saw that little crouton of love she was going to come home with me that day. I ended up getting a dog grooming job and my boss there was pretty sure what Fancy is; part Chihuahua and part Italian Greyhound. NOT THE BIG GREYHOUND. Most people get a funny look on their face when I tell them because they think it's the regular size greyhound.

So, have you ever wanted to know what type of dogs made up your dog? Here is your chance and on the cheaper side! The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland is holding a Doggie DNA Day September, 29th from 10a-noon. Isn't science amazing!!

Click here to find out how to register for the event!  

They will be using Wisdom Panel for the testing.