My sister moved to Colorado several years ago and whenever she comes back to Maine for a visit the first stop from the airport is Amato's.  She can't even wait to get to where we're going before she tears into that delicious fresh Italian right there in my car. I, for one, can't blame her. I think other than my friends, I would miss Amato's the most too if I moved away.

A few years ago I began sending her the ingredients on her Birthday so she could taste that deliciousness way out in Colorado. I send her a jar of pickles, a bottle of their sandwich oil, and even a package of their rolls! But I never knew Amato's takes care of the shipping!

You can order and ship from your home whether it's around the state, or around the country they'll take care of it for you. Everything from an Amato's tee shirt to their home made whoopie pies, just click and ship!