Is this intersection dangerous to you?

Sadly, last Wednesday 17 year old Ramsie Taylor was hit by a dump truck at the intersection of Route 28 and Route 171 and was killed. To many in Ossipee, this intersection has been dangerous from it's beginning. According to the Conway Daily Sun, since 2010 there have been 65 multi vehicle accidents at this intersection. The town has been fighting for many years to get a safe solution for this intersection and it isn't happening fast enough.

Ossipee Selectman have called for an emergency meeting set for tomorrow to discuss plans to reconstruct this intersection or possibly add lights. There is a plan in place to construct a roundabout there, but it will not be started til 2020. They are hoping in the meantime to find a temporary fix. The Selectman wrote a letter to state representatives bagging for a solution. Selectman Morgan read the letter out loud at a meeting Monday were it said:

If this intersection needs to be turned into a Christmas tree for the next two years, so be it.


Have you ever had a traffic scare in this intersection?