Have you seen any wild turkeys on the side of the road yet?

You know, I think that wild turkeys have a vendetta against us humans because we eat there family members every year! Wild turkeys can be quite the menaces this time of year. But, they do provide some excitement and hilarious videos. They can also be dangerous and a pain the the butt too. Especially if you are unlucky enough to hit one with your car or one comes after you. Turkeys are well known for being aggressive. Too much testosterone?  Nope, according to bostonmagazine.com, turkeys are just born that way, it's their instincts to show you they are more dominant than you. They also hate their reflections and will attack a car if it sees it's own. There have been dozens of hilarious turkey attack videos on YouTube for years. Usually you flee to safety when you see one. But, what do you do it one comes to you?!

This video shows a couple coming home to find a wild turkey has come in to visit! It's a little tricky to get the bugger out of the house.