Country music has it's fill of hunky guys, and it's time that we enjoy them in all their glory! Come have a daydream with me.......

This week I am going 'hog wild', choosing a group of men to be my Country HUNKS of the week! Parmalee is made up of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, cousin Barry Knox and longtime friend Josh McSwain. They are a 'band of brothers' really; forming together and making a pact to make it big and Nashville. Not even a robbery stopped them. After a show in 2010, the boys were held at gun point for their equipment. Scott carried a concealed gun, and fired at the would be robbers; he was shot in the process. After spending 35 days in the hospital, Scott survived. Parmalee never gave up, and hit the road to make a name for themselves. There story good be a 'made for TV' movie, complete with a happy ending. You have to admire their will, and survival. And, they ain't too bad to look at either! Guts and determination are sexy in my book for sure. Oh, and they can play instruments, sing, and move on the stage. Sign me up please!


The Country Hunks of the Week are brought to you by Annie Snook. And, you are welcome!

Ladies and Gentleman.....Parmalee