Country music has it's fill of hunky guys, and it's time that we enjoy them in all their glory! Come have a daydream with me........

You know, it should be a crime to be this handsome, and not be with me! YOU must feel the same way. Jake Owen was going to college on a golf scholarship, when he decided to drop out, and become a country music hottie. Thank Goodness! He has the face of a Greek God, and a smile that makes us swoon.

I had the luxury of meeting Jake, and he was a down home kinda guy. Very sweet, funny, and I could swear I saw a twinkle in his smile!

Anastasia Snook


Your Country Hunk of the Week is brought to you by Annie Snook. And, you are welcome!


Ladies and Gentleman................. Jake Owen



Jake with short hair or long hair?

Who do you think should be the next Country Hunk of the Week?