Country music has it's fill of hunky guys, and it's time that we enjoy them in all their glory! Come have a daydream with me.......

He is a down home, boy next door, and a self made man. I am talking about Granger Smith, Texas raised, college drop out, and country music superstar on the rise. He started with his brother, playing honky-tonks, living out of an old van; he has paid his dues, and knows the struggle is real. But, he never gave up. He believes in himself, and his dream. Now he has a #1 single with 'Backroad Song', and starting to see his success. He is a super cutie, and his future in Country Music is so bright!


Your Country Hunk of the Week is brought to you by Annie Snook, and, You are Welcome!

Ladies and Gentleman.............Granger Smith