Summertime is the best time of year in Maine. It's funny how when those temperatures hit 75 degrees, we are hot, and need to cool off immediately! Our bodies are so used to winter temperatures, that when the temperatures rise, we get hotter faster. There is no better way to cool off, then jumping into some sort of body of water, and there is no lack of those in Maine. I prefer the ocean myself, but, you have your preference of what you like best. Maybe it's a lake, river, or swimming hole?

Swimming holes remind me of being a kid. Riding bikes to meet your friends at our favorite swimming hole. Taking turns jumping off the rocks, and swinging off a rope into the water. I was a 'whimp', so I never would swing of the rope! Here are 11 of the best swimming holes to check out this summer in Maine!

1. Three Pools, Swift River, Roxbury


2. Smalls Falls, Franklin County


3. Houston Brooks Falls Pools, Bingham


4. Royal River Pool, Yarmouth



5. Ledge Falls Pools, Medway

6. Steep Falls Pools, Newry


7. Rattlesnake Pool, Oxford County


8. Frenchman's Hole, Bethel


9. The Cataracts, Oxford County


10. Coos Canyon, Oxford County


11. Gulf Hagas, Piscataquis County