Don't you just love 'nesting' into a new place?

The past 8 months of my life I have been homeless. Meaning, I had no where that I could call my own. It started last July when my roommate's boyfriend pretty much moved in with her. He was there almost everyday and night. It had been going on for awhile, so I confronted them and asked that he pay some money towards bills and rent. Well, of course that turned into drama. They thought I was trying to break them up or something. I never saw any money from him and it started getting uncomfortable to be around them. Then, I met a guy and we got along great. So, I started pretty much living with him out of a bag with Fancy for months. My lease was up in April, so he offered for me to move in with him; I accepted. That took stress off me to find a new place big time. The only catch was I couldn't have Fancy there. So, I hid her in bags all the time to take her out and to work with me. I felt SO bad for her. Then, 2 weeks before I was set to move in my guy broke things off with me because he found someone else. I had no time to find somewhere to move, so I moved in anyways thinking we could just be friends. Nope. And, this brings me to where I am now. In my own place, alone with just Fancy.

A weight has been lifted off me and I feel free! I moved to Biddeford into a cute studio that is all my own. I love my new apartment and look forward to settling in more and checking out what the town has to offer. I am within walking distance of restaurants, cafes and bars. I am still unpacking and settling for sure. I wanted to share with you my new place and to say thank you for listening to me talk about it. And, thank you for your support through it all!

Do you have a roommate horror story?

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