This ole girl, at 35 years old, has been single for 5 years or so now here in Maine. I have started to think 'is it something I am doing wrong'? Or, 'what can I change about me to find a man'? And, the classic, 'There are just NO guys to date around here'! But now, I know it's not me!  Because, based on good old fashion numbers and studies, there just aren't enough men in our state!

The Bangor Daily News says men in Maine seem to have the upper hand when it comes to dating. According to an analysis of U.S. census data by TIME, there are more women in Maine than Men. Let me break it down for you by counties and towns.

Bangor Daily News

In Kennebec county, it's good to be a dude! Numbers show that there are 5.2 single, college educated woman their 30's, to one college educated man at the same age. Making it one of the highest ratios of women to men in 'Merica. But, the ratios seem to go in favor for women, when you are looking for an uneducated man. Then there are 1.2 single uneducated men, to 1 lady without a college degree.

But, if you want a smart man, and you live in Bath or Brunswick; slim pickins'. Because there are 4.1 single, college-educated women in their 30s for every single, college-educated man in his 30's.

In Androscoggin county, it's 2.3 single, educated women per one educated man the same age. As for York and Cumberland counties, there are 2.5 women per single guy. Even in Penobscot County, it’s 1.4 women to a single Beau. Hancock, Knox, Waldo and Lincoln counties, it’s 1.6 women. And finally, in Portland, South Portland and Westbrook, it’s 1.5 women to one dude.

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