This week on the HOM Morning Show, Nikki shared with us some genius hacks to make life a little easier when camping in Northern New England this summer. I've been on many camping trips in my life, and I have to admit that a few of these I had never heard of before! I'll have to give some of them a try this summer!

Here are a few from -

You can use tortilla chips, like Doritos, to start a fire. They make excellent kindling!


Use grits as an ant repellent! Just sprinkle some wherever you see ants, and they'll go away.


You can quickly and easily make fresh popcorn while camping. Just use JiffyPop...hold it above the fire as you would a stove


And here are some more from BuzzFeed -

Use foam tiles as a floor in your tent. We used to have these in my girls' bedroom...they're very soft! - we sell mats

Wrap a headlamp around a jug of water for a DIY lantern


Use one part tea tree oil and two parts water for a tick repellent. Put it in a spray bottle, and spray it wherever you think ticks might crawl on you.


Have fun camping in Northern New England this summer!