I have suffered from PTSD in my past, and understand completely how polarizing it can be. For some of our Veterans mental illness can be life threatening. This yoga center is specifically there to help people with past trauma. 

From my own personal experience, Yoga is one of the best exercises. Not only does it exercise your body and muscles; it also exercises your mind. I find peace when I am doing yoga on a regular bases, and a flatter tummy too. A friend of mine that is a yoga instructor sent me a message about Sea Change Yoga, and that they offer by donation only yoga for Veterans. They practice at Portland Community Squash, and have the classes for Vets on Sundays and Mondays. Click here to find a full schedule.

Pass this along to a friend whom you know is struggling with depression, anxiety, or PTSD. You could save a life.

And, a huge thank you to all soldiers past, present and future for keeping our country safe.