This scary situation has a happy ending. And, a dog and owner who are so grateful to 2 Brentwood police officers.

Saturday night, the Brentwood Police Department got a call from a resident on Bartlett Rd asking to help save a dog's life. See, Bruno the German Shepherd somehow got himself in quite the awkward position. Somehow, the pup impaled himself on a metal fence pole. Impaled through his head. His owner hectically tried to free his faithful friend but, we not having any luck. Officers Jared Arsenault and Kenneth Gauthier responded to the call and came upon a grizzly scene. The officers and owner were able to get Bruno freed and then rushed him to the hospital as fast as possible. Dr. Gordon of the Veterinary Emergency and Surgery Hospital took the wounded Bruno right in for emergency surgery. And, I am SO glad to report, Bruno did excellent in surgery, and is expected to make a full recovery.

A close call for a clumsy pup. Good thing he has an owner and friends in the area that care about him so much. And, police that double as animal control too!

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