Pie after Thanksgiving dinner is the classic combo. Homemade, or store bought, who cares. It's is all yummy goodness getting into your belly. And, remember when stuffing your face with turkey and the fixins; leave room for pie. We all have our favorite, must have pie at Thanksgiving. There is a reason for that, it's your taste buds and your personality. Check out what your favorite pie choice says about who you really are according to BuzzFeed. This is serious business here! #LOL


Chocolate Cream Pie

You have a wisdom beyond your years. No one can fool you ever. You teach your street smarts to others when you can, and be sure to use you knowledge for good only.


Blueberry Pie

You are a warm and loving person. To others, you are like a warm, toasty blanket wrapped around them next to a fire.


Coconut Cream Pie

You make very good choices in your life. You are very quick at the game 'Would you Rather' and can pick out what you want to eat on a restaurant menu in record time.


Sweet Potato Pie

You have massive inner strength. You can stand up to anyone that gives you a hard time, and put the straight. You have been through a lot, and pick yourself back up and keep going. You don't put up with any crap from anyone.


Cherry Pie

You are a upstanding citizen of the human race. You are kind and good quality person. Which is rare to find. You should be put in a time capsule and buried for people of the future to find you; to follow your example.


Pecan Pie

You radiate joy to all the people in your life, and meet. You are shining and happy. You sparkle, and others have to wear sunglasses in your presence.


Pumpkin Pie

You are ridiculously good looking. You have the face of an angel, or Brad Pitt. No one can deny that you are the prettiest or most handsome person in the room; any room.