Winter in Maine and New Hampshire is brutal. No better way to put it. Every year it creeps up on us, and before we know it; we are under 6 feet of snow. It just keeps coming down. I know, that's just considered a 'dusting', but it's not only the snow. It's when the temperatures dip down into single digits, and below that proves that winter is incharge. We live in a place where the winter actual hurts us. For me, it's always my hands and toes that get it first. They become numb....not normal. Also, when the temps are THAT low, it is dangerous. Stay warm as much as you can, and deal with it basically. Fortunately, those 'cold snaps' in the winter do subside here and there. There are so cool things about getting frozen. No, I am not being morbid, it just fascinates me! Check out this interesting 5 facts about getting frozen from Mojo. WOW

And, bundle up and stay safe!