The Bangor Police Department have acquired a nationwide reputation for their Facebook posts, and rightly so. They're back again with another post, one that serves as a timely reminder to be thoughtful and respectful of your pets.

In classic Bangor PD style, the post itself includes some lighthearted humor. Dogs don't have thumbs, but imagine if they did! Too often throughout the summer, there are stories of dogs and other animals being stuck in extremely hot cars for far too long. Thankfully, the general public has become aware of this issue, and has become much more vocal about getting these pets the help they need.

While the post generates from the Bangor PD. it's important to note that most towns/cities in Maine will respond to calls of pets in distress and if you see something out of sort, contact your local department. Let's all enjoy the sun together, with our best friends as happy as they can be!