This place gives me that 'get in my belly' feeling!! 

I am going on week 2 of living in Biddeford, Maine and I have been exploring my surroundings. Biddeford is quickly becoming 'the next Portland' with many restaurants and bars. The cost of living in Portland and South Portland has raised to ridiculous levels and people are fleeing to find cheaper real estate and rent. Biddeford has had a 'bad reputation' in the past, but that is in the past. The town is cleaning up it's act and new exciting establishments are popping up everyday.

That also means that legendary old school establishments in Biddeford are being rediscovered by new residents. And that is right up my alley. I have found a place called Pool Street Market and they let you have your lobster roll how YOU want it. In fact, you get to choose what size lobster roll you want to devour for your meal! If you are looking for just a snack, something to tied you over until dinner, or for your monster main course; you can get them all right here. This place definitely knows what is up to please any customer!

Where have you gotten the best lobster roll in your life?