Are you going to get up early tomorrow morning to watch the Royal Wedding?

Hard to believe that Prince Harry has found his Princess in an American actress Meghan Markle. It is the ultimate fairy tale for her. She claims that she was set up on a 'blind date' with him and didn't know much about him at all. And, she is a cougar big time!  She is 36 and he is 33 years old. So, what does she have that any other woman Harry has been with have? We will never know, but it is so fun to watch unfold. The wedding is tomorrow at the butt crack of dawn. Will you be watching? It will be at a church right near Windsor Castle and they will party at the castle after. I would love to be a guest for sure. But, I have seen Windsor Castle first hand on my vacation to Europe last August. It really is truly magnificent and I took some beautiful pictures while I was there.

So, if you want a look inside the castle before the wedding party; take a look at what I saw when I visited the prestigious Windsor Castle!