Vacation is all about kicking back, soaking in the sun, having fun, and trying new things! But, would you be brave enough to try THIS?

For the last week I have been in heaven on earth. I had never been to the Dominican Republic and now I am SO glad I have. We stayed on the Atlantic Ocean side in a town called Punta Cana. And, for the sake of 'easiness' we went all inclusive at a place called Majestic Elegance Resort. We were VIP with our own private beach and pools, fancy beach towels and even a butler. The food was excellent and at every meal it felt like we were 'dinning and dashing'! Because we didn't have to pay! Drinks were always flowing and I had more than my share of 'Mamajuana'. That is a special drink only made in the Dominican Republic that is known to be an 'aphrodisiac'. Oh my!

During my trip, we could also pay extra for excursions away from the resort. My travel mates and I decided to do one that was called 'Dr Fish Spa'. This excursion we paid a pretty penny for but, it was well worth it! The fish part of the spa excursion began right when we got to the port before we got on board the boat. This experience was like non other I have ever tried and I am wild enough to try anything once. So, I let fish eat my feet! These fish are well known over seas and they are used to at spas to eat the dead skin off your feet. They are called Garra rufa. They are have no teeth and are hungry critters. It did tickle my feet and felt SO bizarre! But, I loved it!

Would you try this?