If you've ever hopped aboard Casco Bay Lines and taken a tour of all the islands along the coastline of Portland, you've probably spotted House Island. The island is home to Fort Scammel, a sprawling fort that was constructed in 1808 as part of a chain of defense systems for Portland harbor. But according to The Forecaster, Fort Scammel could become something more than just a stop on a sightseeing tour, it may transform into the coolest campground in Maine.

Developers Stefan Scarks and Travis Bullard are hoping to transform the southern portion of House Island into "Fortland", a 21 site campground featuring yurts, canvas tents and and a large community building. Fortland would be powered by solar energy, and since the island is only accessible by boat, campers would have a truly unique camping experience during their stay.

Via Fortlandmaine.com

The developers are hoping for approval from the Historic Preservation Board since Fort Scammel was given a historic designation in January of 2015. If they're approved, they hope to have the campground up and running by this Spring, with it remaining open through October.

Pricing for campsites have yet to be determined.

Via Fortlandmaine.com

So what do you think? Would you go camping on an island in Casco Bay? Should the old forts be left alone?