The A&E reality show 'Hoarders' goes into homes around the country, to help those that cannot help themselves dig out of there mess. Last year, the hit show came to Lisbon, Maine to dig someone out of their piles of 'stuff', before their home was condemned. This particular episode was set to air this Sunday, but, it has now been moved to March 13 at 9pm.

The identity of the Maine resident cannot be revealed until the show actually airs. The Bangor Daily News did some investigating, and learned the shocking amount of 'junk' that was removed from the home. They spoke with Kevin Gove of Auburn-based Rinck Advertising and, he revealed in an email that “the ServiceMaster crew removed close to 20,000 pounds of stuff from the home in only a few rooms of the house over three days.”

'Hoarders' is a show that exposes the ugly truth of what a hoarding disorder can do to a person's life. They bring in medical experts to help the person suffering due to this disorder, and hire local companies to help with the 'stuff' removal. Experts say that  5 percent of the nations population suffer from some sort of hoarding disorder. In Maine, a hoarding expert says that 8 percent of people in this state are hoarders, and most of them are elderly.

If you, or someone you know is in dire need of help, please visit the Maine Hoarding Task Force website.