I'm back!! I missed you while I was gallivanting across Europe for the past 2 weeks. My trip was beyond 'epical', and I had moments that my brain couldn't understand what my eyes were seeing! And, 'what the crap' can mean 'totally awesome' too!

My Mom and I set out to London on 8/5/17. That was the starting city of our 2 week trip to Europe. We spent 3 days there, then Paris, and ended in Amsterdam. This trip was life changing for me, and I am so blessed that I had this opportunity. I soaked it all in. The food, the people, history, architecture and even the smell in the air. I AM GOING BACK.

Here are a few moments when I got candid on the trip. Also, so you could see what I was seeing!

After Paris, we went to Amsterdam. While there, became a bit quieter and just enjoyed the city's beauty. Any other reason you think I may have gotten quieter there? LOL

More to come from my grand Europe adventure. I got SO many gorgeous pictures that I want to share with you my friend!

We went on a tour for the entire trip to all 3 cites called Go Ahead Tours. Check out their website here.