Take the 5.5 hour ride on The CAT Ferry to Nova Scotia and take this boat ride when you get to Yarmouth too! 

When all of the beer samples I could drink at Tusket Falls Brewing Co. were gone, it was time to get my sail on! From there we traveled back into the town of Yarmouth to hop on board the Edith Marie for an hour boat ride through the harbor. Our boat Captain was Simone and oddly enough is was quite the comedian! He got us ready before the trip with a blue nose and a shot of rum. I see you scratching your head and saying, 'What the crap?'. You will find out why in this video below.

Best part of the day was when we set sail because the sky opened up and the sun shined so bright. It made the ocean glitter and was the perfect moment for it. We also found out how our Captain got his boat through his family. He is a part of generation after generation of family members that were fisherman. He uses the boat now to do tours and to play guitar and sing for his passengers. He also has a crustacean friend that he pulled up out of the water to amaze me. This lobster's claws are bigger than my head!

At the end of our sail I wanted to thank Simone in a French way. So, I asked our former tour guide for something I could say in French to thank him. But, as you can see I was tricked into saying something a little naughty! Good thing our Captain was flattered by it!

Plan your trip this summer to take The CAT Ferry and explore Yamouth Nova Scotia.