Texting and driving has over, and over again proven to take lives. It is against the law, yet, some of us STILL do it. But soon, police will have a new device to catch you in the act.

According to a report at WMUR.com, a new device has been created to detect when a driver is using their cellphone. It is called a 'Textalyzer' and it will help save many drivers and others on the road. In a National Safety Council report, each year there is 1.6 million accidents due to people driving and using their cellphone. That means 1 out of every 4 accidents in the US is due to driving and using cellphones. In an article from the Portland Press Herald, statistics show that in 2016, 750 people in Maine were in car accidents due to cellphone use.

Do you think police having a 'textalyzer' is a good thing? Or, does it violate our privacy?