Has technology gone too far for children?


Man, I am SO glad I grew up without cellphones!

According to 7 Boston News, Saturday Yarmouth, Massachusetts police were called to the Montebello Restaurant for a report of an assault. When the cops arrived they found a father who had been punched and had fallen to the ground, hitting his head hard. After questioning, the police found out that the juvenile son of this father has asked his son to stop texting during dinner. That became a heated argument that was taken outside. While still arguing outside, the son knocked his father out, literally. The father hit is head so hard that he has suffered a severe head injury. The son was arrested, and was later released into his mother's care. The father is expected to survive. No word yet on if the kid will be charged.

How would you describe your child's relationship with their phone?

Does your child/children 'freak out' when you take their phone away for punishment?