They seem to appear when major storms wreak havoc.

This new "species" is loud, smelly and takes over houses in moments of need.  They appear out of hiding when the power goes out and people get all sorts of crazy when these show up.

The Powerus Generatorus, it's scientific name, comes alive in times of distress, as though it seems to understand the needs of it's owners.  We've even captured it's mating call, listen.

It cries out for companionship at all hours of the day, until the CMP hunters come around and make it obsolete.  Some people run these in the garage (a BIG no-no) and run cables into the house.  Heck, I run mine in the driveway and cable together the important things inside like WI-FI, TV and maybe the fridge.  In that order.  How about you?  Has your neighborhood been invaded?

Click here for the proper care and feeding of these beasts. If you're not careful, they could kill you.