Chad Haynes and I spend an hour each Wednesday writing songs, just for you.

The premise of this song is that "supermarket flowers" are magical and can help in lots of ways.  Give it a listen and tell us what you think.


I walk down the aisle like many years before

With a pink post-it note from the refrigerator door

And on it she asks to get a few things 

Something healthy for dinner I chose buffalo wings 

Said I'd be right home 

I've been shopping for hours 

So on my way out I'll grab her supermarket flowers

They are magical things melting her icy stares

Wrapped in cellophane showing how much I care

Scratch the price off with my dirty thumb nail

Found them in the check out aisle in a pail

They were on sale 

They brighten her day

Bring color to the room in every way

Making up for those things I never could say

Knew I was in trouble when she turned up her nose 

What in tarnation, well who hates a rose?!

Oh back to the market for my salvation

To pick up her favorite, a carnation

If you sense that your marriage is starting to sour

Well I know of a place that holds redemption power

They have all kinds of food that you can devour

Get your ice cold beer and supermarket flowers

Tell her you'll be right home

And don't take four hours

And on your way out grab her supermarket flowers