Do you have a good ghost story you share around Halloween?

A good ole ghost story is always a hoot during the spooky season. Halloween is not only about the fun of getting dressed up, going to parties, and trick or treating; there is a dark underbelly to this holiday too. That's why Hollywood continues to make horror movies. People love a good scare. Do you?

When I was growing up, I was easily scared. My brothers Sean and Daniel knew this and took full advantage. Our laundry room was out in our garage which was a long walk down a sketchy path. The only lighting was from the back porch that felt like a mile away to me. No lights on the the garage until you went in and turned them on. So, I would barely open the door and just reach my arm in to turn it on before entering. This was a very common spot they would scare me by either grabbing my arm or hiding behind a freezer we had there. I fell for it every time and to this day I still hate the dark. I always have to have some kind of faint light on. Those jerks!! LOL

Thank you to LiterallySoRude for the story and Chaos Theory Productions. If you enjoy a good spooky story, than this one is for you. It's about a couple that visits Islesboro, Maine for a friends wedding. And this town doesn't celebrate Halloween for one horrific reason. Happy Halloween!!