Maine has become over the years a hot spot for Hollywood! This movie came out in 2015, and is full of emotions. From grief, to animosity, guilt, to scared; something for everyone. This is a MUST SEE movie set and filmed in Maine.

I am a big time movie fan. In fact, in my free time, I LOVE watching movie trailers. I think it's because they give me just a tease of a movie, and I like to try to figure out what the movie it about. Then, inevitably I end up going to see the flick. This trailer for a movie called 'Five Days in Maine' grabbed my curiosity quickly. First of all, it's an Indie flick, which means a 'lower budget'; but the actors in these films do a better job than 'big budget' movies.  This movie just so happens to star an Oscar winning actress, a Golden Globe nominee, and an Oscar nominee. gives a brief explanation of the movie's plot:

A young African American man, reeling from the tragic loss of his wife, travels to rural Maine to seek answers from his estranged mother-in-law, who is herself confronting guilt and grief over her daughter's death.

Check out the trailer for the movie, and see for yourself. Would you watch this flick, or not? You can watch this movie on Netflix or Amazon Video.