The global pandemic has given us lots of time to look back at our old photos and videos. In our family, we went way back and hauled out some really old videos. Some were on VHS but some were on slides and 8mm film. Does anybody remember having "Slide Night" when you would set up the screen and your dad would run the slide Those were the best! And then "Movie Night" where you would watch family movies. We need to digitize this 8mm before they disintegrate!

As we get into the first official week of summer, and also pine for "normal" times gone by, we thought we would bring you down memory lane with some great home movies shot at family vacations at Old Orchard Beach in the 1960s. If you grew up in the 60's or 70's you know these 8mm movies well. The color and film quality perfectly captures the time and feel of the era. They had no sound (which I actually love) but certainly captured great memories.

Notice some of the landmarks that are now gone. Like Noah's Ark. According to

From 1929 until the fire of 1969 a “must-see” attraction for visitors to OLD ORCHARD BEACH was NOAH’S ARK. Located beside the pier and next to the Jack and Jill slide, the walkthrough fun-house boasted colorful and true to life wooden sculptures of Noah, his family, and many of the Ark’s animals



Wait, there used to be a Merry-Go-Round next to the Pier? Look to the left, you'll see it!



And yes, there used to be a CASINO at the end of the Pier. The place used to host concerts for up to 5,000 people. let's bring THAT back!




BONUS REEL: "Ernie's Home Movies" OOB from 1964.  Wherever you are Ernie, thank you!


Wanna go wayyyyyyy back? Check out OOB in 1900.



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