We are in a time of great change right now. We elected a new President, and some are finding it hard to not be afraid of the unknown. As Americans, we have been through so many life changing events, and we always bounce back. We may be torn now, but, there are always reasons to come together; find peace. Among all the chaos now, let's not forget those who have fought for us to have this freedom. Freedom to live how we want, where we can give our opinion, and be heard. Tomorrow is Veterans Day, and we can all come together and thank those who sacrificed their lives for us. Set feelings aside and honor a soldier and Veteran tomorrow. Maine and New Hampshire restaurants are saluting Veterans tomorrow with free meals. Just be sure to bring your military ID. Thank you very much for your service, and we salute you.

10. Applebee's Veterans Day free meal: Choose any menu dinner


9. IHOP free Veteran's Day Pancakesfree stack of either red, white or blue pancakes


8. Chili's Veteran's Day free meal: Choose any dinner on limited menu


7. Red Robin Veteran's Day free meal: Red's Tavern Double burger and Bottomless Fries.


6. Olive Garden Free Veteran's Day meal: Free dinner from special Veteran's day menu


5. Texas Roadhouse free lunch: Choose lunch item from special Veterans Day menu


4. Cracker Barrel Veteran's Day free Dessert: Free Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake dessert


3. Denny's Veterans Day Free build your own Grand Slam Breakfast: From 5am-noon only


2. Little Caesars Pizza Free Veterans Day Pizza: Hot and ready lunch combo from 11am-2p


1. Buffalo Wild Wings Veterans Day free wings and fries: Choice of 10-12 wings, boneless, and fries