Mucinex should NOT be your best friend in winter time. Take it from me, you really don't want to get sick this winter. 


Well, it is that time of year again. The most likely time you will 'catch the crud', or get sick. We are 'petri dishes' after all and like the video says above, we are all indoors more together when it is cold out. I have already had my run in with a bacterial sinus infection that made it's home in my chest. AND, even worse is I know WHO I got it from. He will remain unnamed but, he works here at the station with me. In my line of work, us DJs all use the same studios, same microphones, and push all the same buttons. So gross! I bet you do kinda the same things in your job. Like, using computers, opening doors, pushing buttons; you get the gist. All I can say is 'What the Crap Man' when it comes to my current sickness. I should have started following these tips before I caught the crap!

Here are 10 Tips, according to, to keep from getting a nasty bug this winter.

1. Living in Maine and New Hampshire in winter means we don't get enough sun. That means, we need more vitamin D. Taking up to 10,000 IU vitamin D3 a week can help fend off those germs.

2. Stop touching your face! In a study, it shows that if you touch your face frequently, you are more likely to get a respiratory infection.

3. Drink green tea. Research found that there is an ingredient in the tea that can kill flu and pneumonia germs.

4. This is a no brainer, get a flu shot.

5. Cut back on drinking alcohol because if you drink too much, it can produce proteins that increase fever and increase inflammation.

6. Work up a sweat and exercise because it can cut your chances of 'catching the crud' by 27%.

7. Wash your hands, and good. Meaning, scrub with those bubbles for at least 20 seconds, and make sure they are completely dry. Wet hands spread more germs. Eww...

8. Chew gum because some brands have an ingredient that can help fend off some nasty sickness. Try Ice Breakers Ice Cubes.

9. Get a goodnight's rest as much as possible. Research shows that if you only get 4 hours of good sleep per night for a week, you open yourself up to a immune system breakdown.

10. Have some honey...honey! Studies show that including honey in your diet can help fight off Strep Throat and pneumonia.