Country music has it’s fill of hunky guys, and it’s time that we enjoy them in all their glory! Come have a daydream with me…….


So, is it just me, or is Garth Brooks getting hotter? The older he is getting, and the fact that he has the same enthusiasm has he had when he started country music in 1986. I mean, Garth is a NEVER aging man, a total Peter Pan. He was just named Rolling Stone Magazine's number 10 for the Greatest Country Music Artists of All Time. If you don't know who Garth is, I feel so sorry for you. He is an epic performer, and looks good in those Wranglers on stage! What makes him even sexier is how much he shows his love for his wife Trisha Yearwood. She is one lucky lady! He is a genuine personality, and has so much love to give to you. So, let's take a moment today, and appreciate Garth in all his glory. Keep being Garth....Garth!