Not quite sure when it happened, but from a very young age I have been deathly afraid of guns. But, with help from the Windham Indoor Shooting Range & Retail Store, I overcame it.

Growing up in Tennessee, guns were a way of life. Much like here in Maine. They are used for hunting, sport, and protection. My step-dad growing up was a Marine, and he always had guns around me, my brothers and sisters. He was always safe, and even made his own bullets. We were taught to respect guns. He and my brothers would often go deer hunting, and have target practice in our backyard. My step-dad always encouraged me to shoot a gun, but I was always afraid of them.

And, to be honest, I am not sure why.

Could be from my point of view of guns through violence in movies, TV shows, and war. It has always been a legit fear for me to handle or shoot a gun.

I took a Introduction to Guns class at Windham Indoor Shooting Range and Retail Store about a year and a half ago. The class helped me tremendously with my fear, and by the end of the class, I felt much more comfortable even holding a gun. But, I never got in some real shooting.

Fast forward to this past Saturday at a broadcast at the range. I told myself it was time to face that fear, and shoot. And, I did. Thank you, Peter.

To be honest, I did it. Even got a bullseye in my first shoot. I did overcome my fear, but the fear is still there. Even after shooting. I believe this is because I need to take more classes to get used to it. And Windham Indoor Shooting Range is the place to be educated on gun use and safety.

This is right before I took my first shot.

This is immediately after.